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Hermetic welding or hermetic sealing

Hermetic welding or hermetic sealing is one of the very specialized forms of advanced forms of welding processes. It is known that metal packaging is favored for most high-reliability systems because of the impermeability of bulk metals. Even the thin layers of metals such as nickel, gold, and aluminum are sufficient to impede the transfer of gas molecules across a membrane, and therefore, the significance of hermetic welding increases beyond limit.

The concept of hermetic welding lies at a point where welding and sealing combines to make a mixture.  Hermetic welding is a welding process that does not produce a weld! It produces a sealing, which is different from the weld, as there are no leakages and pores in the joint. Pores and defects are one of the main problems found in conventional welding joints, and hermetic welding tried to overcome that shortcoming.

Application advantages of hermetic welding

Hermetic welding is highly specialized process and, therefore, the advantages of this process are quite clear to the human eye itself!  Some of the advantages in applications using hermetic welding are given below:

" High reliability

Laser hermetic seals are designed for long term performance in the harshest and most demanding environments, and with the help of advanced laser technology, these hermetic welding seals are able to withstand the tests of time!

" Cost effectiveness

It is well known that the main advantage of laser welding is the quickness, and hermetic welding is no exception to this. Hermetic welding reduces the downtime and facilitates continuous production processes.  

" Avoiding thermal damage

Due to the minimal amount of heat produced and very low heat affected zone (HAZ), hermetic welding provides protection from thermal damages and destructive high temperatures produced in the welding process. 

" Leak proof joints

The salient feature of hermetic welding is the tightness to air and water, which makes it suitable for special applications.
Issues in hermetic welding of medical products

Hermetic welding or sealing finds its true application in the production of medical equipments, where the need of water and air proofing is immense, and the final product needs to be right on the mark. The efficiency of the seal produced by hermetic welding depends upon the internal environment of the critical components, which is made secure from invasion and contamination from the external environment. This greatly depends upon the bulk permeability of the chosen materials and the seal quality.

The major issue that comes is the choice of material that is used to manufacture the medical equipment, for, the human body is sensitive to various types of metals, and proper care needs to be taken. For implant able devices certain metals like platinum are used, and for diagnostic and testing equipments, stainless steel is used in addition to other metals. The main point of hermetic welding in these instruments is to provide a total leak-proof joint, which can't be provided through any other conventional welding process.

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