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Spot Welding Equipment

Spot welding equipment provides a fast efficient means of welding sheet metals and wire components by using separate weld spots to fuse two metal sheets or wire components together. The spot welder uses two electrodes comprising of copper bars or welding tips, heat is developed at the point of contact fusing the parts together.

There are different types of spot welding equipment, also refered to as resistance welding machines, that are suited to specific welding opperations. Spot welding equipment is avaliable in fixed and portable types of spot welders. The application of which depends on the thickness and type of metal to be spot welded and also the degree of dificulty in the welding process.

Press Spot welding equipment - widely used by the metalworking industries today because of its great versatility, manufactured in various sizes available in a standard range of throat depths, electrode forces and transformer capacities.

Resistance seam welders - Seam welding, a type of resistance welding process, uses the resistance to electric current through the metal pieces to get the weld joint, as the pieces are held under pressure by electrodes.  Seam welding is widely used where strings of spot welds re required or leak-tight joints are required. However, uses of this type of welding include creation of flange welds, watertight joints for tanks, drums, tin cans, and domestic radiators, etc.

Seam spot welding equipment uses a complex control system, which involves the travel speed as well as the sequence of current flow to provide for overlapping welds. However, the timing schedule, spots per inch, and the welding speed are interdependent of each other. The pressure, current, and the size of the weld are provided by the welding schedule.

Bench Spot welding equipment  - Versatile spot welders in the workshop or in manufacturing. The main frame is of high quality welded steel construction . Many are designed to require a minimum of bench space. The upper arm extension is built integrally with the frame. The lower secondary can receive special tooling or a simple electrode holder.

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