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Welding equipment is used for various types of welding processes. Though many advanced types of welding processes use welding machines and specialized welding equipment, there are some more common, which a welder needs to understand properly.


Arc Welding

A set of arc welding equipment is as follows: 

" A High voltage DC Generator/transformer
" Air or water cooled electrode holder-if welding is performed above 200 Amps, the water cooled electrodes are preferred to use; however, when working under an inert gas atmosphere.
" Copper coated carbon or graphite electrodes-Copper coatings help to increase electrical conductivity; whereas, graphite electrodes can operate on higher currents. Although both carbon and graphite electrodes are permanent but graphite electrodes last longer than carbon electrodes.
" Filler rod-it should be of almost the size of electrode and should have the same chemical composition as of the work pieces.

Gas welding

A set of basic gas welding equipment is as follows:

"  Oxygen gas cylinder-these are painted black, with valve outlets screwed right-handed. It is a solid drawn cylinder out of mild steel or alloy steel.
"  Acetylene gas cylinder-it is painted maroon, with valves screwed left handed. Acytleen mixed with oxygen is highly combustable.
"  Oxygen pressure regulator and the Acetylene pressure regulator - the pressure of the gases obtained from the cylinders/generators is considerably higher than the gas pressure used to operate the welding torch. The purpose of using a gas pressure regulator is, therefore, to reduce the high pressure of the gas in the cylinder to a suitable working pressure, and to produce a steady flow of gas under varying cylinder pressures.
"  Oxygen gas hose and Acetylene gas hose-the hose for the supply of oxygen to the welding torch is colored blue and has right handed thread connections; whereas, the acetylene hose is colored red and has left handed thread connections. However, these should be strong, non porous, and flexible.  
"  Welding torch or blow pipe with a set of nozzles and gas lighters-oxygen and the fuel gas having been reduced in pressure by the gas regulators are fed through suitable hoses to a welding torch, which mixes and controls the flow of gases to the welding nozzles or the tip where the gas mixture is burnt to produce a flame for carrying out gas welding operation.
"  Trolleys for the transportation of oxygen and acetylene cylinders-these should be capable of accommodating one oxygen cylinder and one acetylene cylinder required for gas welding.
"  A set of keys and spanners
"  Filler rods and fluxes
"  Protective clothing for the welding including asbestos apron, gloves, and goggles, etc.

However, apart from the above welding equipment that you will find in any general welding shop, there are many other welding tools also. Specialized forms of welding and safety equipment for the welding shops are the two major categories of the welding equipment. However, to use the specialised welding gear such as welding robots, mig and tig equipment, you need to understand the special welding process thoroughly and completely.

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