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A overview of welding schools and welding courses

There are various welding schools all over the world, and there are some organizations, which rule them for their regulation, certification, and other administrative matters. Welding schools have multiple things to do, and professionals looking for training in welding, must check some of the things offered and possessed by the various schools

The basic intention of the welding schools is to provide all the theoretical knowledge to the welders, and also to supplement it with the practical work of the welding processes, which is necessary to give them proper expertise. The administrative and ruling bodies for welding  make it mandatory for the schools to include practical courses in their curriculum, so that the practical aspect of the learning process in never neglected .

Certification of welding schools

In US, welding schools are administrated by the organizations and provide certification from ASME, AWS, and API codes. There are various types of welding in which training is offered.

The facility of in-house and third-party inspection is also provided in welding schools for certification purposes. This ensures that the welders are properly certified to get some jobs or start their own business, which is authorized by the higher authorities and regulatory codes.

Eligibility for welding schools

Eligibility is a critical standard for admission in welding schools, and they have different set of options to get the amateur and also the seasoned one, who have some sort of formal knowledge and study in welding courses. However, there are always defined codes by the ruling bodies for the intake of welders in welding schools.

Welder Training Courses

There are many welding courses that are offered by welding schools, and professionals can learn any sort of welding process. However, there are some specialized  schools also that provide training in particular type of welding. It is always better to check about the courses offered by the school before you get yourself enrolled in any one of them.

There are generally two levels of welding courses offered by these schools-basic and advanced. It is clear from the name itself that the advance courses in welding are offered to the professionals who have some sort of pre-qualification in welding or have experience in some processes.

Some schools also have provisions to provide practical courses, such as underwater welding which amply supplement the theoretical part of the courses.

Facilities Offered in welding schools

Below are some of the general and basic facilities offered by most of the welding schools:

" A complete state-of-the-art workshop, which is fully fit with the required infrastructure needed for all types of welding processes, or more particularly for the ones that are offered by the school.
" Facility of in-house Welding Inspector and Instructors along with the provision to get certification from third-party welding inspectors.
" Facilities for Mechanical Testing, Chemical Testing, and Radiographic Examination at Reputed laboratories.
" Sufficient and complementary practical exposure to ensure proper workmanship of the welders. 

However, apart from these details, there may be some specific details that you would like to know in the welding schools that have some ultra-modern or specific courses for advanced welding processes.

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