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Welding Symbols-overview


The Fundament Of Welding Symbols

Welding symbols provide proper welding information with the help of drawings. Drawing is one of the sub-languages that engineering is dependent upon and welding symbols are one of the most potent and effective products of that language. There are multiple welding types and the applied areas of these welding types differ considerably. To facilitate this feature, drawing codes are developed to provide information about the type of weld required. However, welding symbols are also used to convey other information related to any particular welding process.
Welding symbols take the joint as its basis, with an arrow side and one on the other side; and a reference line, providing information regarding the type of weld to be created, its dimensions, location, extent, and all other information. To be very precise about the structure of the welding symbols: a reference line, the starting place for the welding symbol; leader line, takes to the arrow;, points to the joint where the weld should be made; Tail, optional and information can be placed here.

Welding symbol-Elements

All the welding symbols have some defined elements that make them universal in their approach and understanding. A welding symbol must have all or any of the following basic elements,

" Reference line
" Arrow
" Basic weld symbols
" Dimensions and other data
" Supplementary symbols
" Finish symbols, tail, and specification
" Process
" Other reference

Function of an arrow

Arrow used in different  symbols has multiple important roles to play. Some of these roles are listed below:
- For fillet, groove, flange, flash, and upset welding, it acts as a connection between symbol reference line and one side of the joint.
-  For plug, slot, arc spot, arc seam, resistance spot, resistance seam, and projection welding , it is used to connect the  reference line to the outer surface of one member of the joint at the centerline of the desired weld.

Basic weld symbols

The following basic symbols are used in common practice, whether the welding is localized or all around. These symbols represent all welds required, i.e., specified or non-specified, according to the demand.

- Arc and Gas Weld
- Resistance Weld
- Brazing Weld
- Forge Weld
- Thermit Weld
- Induction Weld
- Flow Weld

Welding Symbols-some facts

Below are some facts about the welding symbols that are pretty important to understand the proper language of all the welding symbols:

- While using a specification, process, or other reference with a welding symbol, the reference is placed in the tail,
- In case of welding procedures to be used for welding that are described elsewhere, or a note is given about them, welding symbols can be without references.
-  For the use of special process to be used in welding, universally acceptable letters are laid along with the welding symbols. 
 In case no reference or specified process is needed, tail is not present in the welding symbols.

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