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Welding secrets for beginners and experts, everything you need to know about welding is covered, mig, tig, arc and gas welding . A comprehensive download able welding manual covering welding materials, processes, safety, welding equipment, tools, painting, and more. Highly recomended

When learning how to weld it is first necessary to determine what  type of metals that you wish to weld, the thickness of the metals and the desired finish of the weld. Different welding processes will return different results so when learning how to weld it is important to understand what the welding processes  are.

Mig Welding (GMAW)

Mig welding is when a bare wire electrode is feed through a welding gun to the welded material at a controlled speed. The welded area is surrounded by a shielding gas to protect the weld zone from atmospheric contamination. Mig welding is generally the most versatile form of welding and is most suited to the home handyman and general welding workshops. See Learn How To Mig Weld

Tig Welding  (GTAW)

Learning how to tig weld requires a little more skill from the operator than in mig welding. Tig welding uses a tungsten electrode to create an arc between the welding torch and the work to be welded thereby creating the heat required to melt the edges of the work. A filler rod is often used to add metal to the joint although this is not always needed for light guage work. learn how to tig weld..

Arc Welding

Arc welding uses consumable welding elecrtodes that have a flux coating surrounding the filler metal of the electrode. This form of welding is most versatile in that more types of metals can be welded using the one machine and the need for not using gas gives greater portability for site work and windy conditions. Leaning how to arc weld is easy to learn once the basic fundamentals have been learned and practiced.

How to Weld Aluminium

Welding aluminium can be preformed using mig, tig or gas welding. Aluminium welding is used for such applications as aluminum bicycle frames, wheel chairs, fencing and balustrades, seat frames, ductwork, and any-where else where lightness and strength is required. Learn how to weld aluminium..

How to Oxyacetylene weld

Oxyacetylene welding uses a welding torch to mix oxygen and acetylene (or LPG gas) in definite proportions. More comonly used for welding bronze and for thermal cutting of mild steel. How to Oxyacetylene weld

Welding Cast Iron

Learning how to weld cast iron is in general a difficult process. Cast iron welding is  mostly used for repair applications such as cast pumps, flanges and cast casings. For more information see how to weld cast iron




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