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Arc Welding

Arc welding is a fusion process for joining metals. Technically refered to as shielded metal arc welding (SMAW) it is a manual arc welding process that uses a consumable electrode coated in flux to lay the weld.  An electric current either AC or DC  (The choice of current and polarity depends on the process, the type of electrode, the arc atmosphere, and the metal being welded) from the welding machine is used to form an electric arc between the electrode and the metals to be joined. By applying intense heat, metal at the joint between two parts is melted and caused to intermix As the weld is laid, the flux coating of the electrode disintegrates, giving off vapors that serve as a shielding gas and providing a layer of slag, both of which protect the weld area from atmospheric contamination.

 Because of the versatility of the process and the simplicity of its equipment and operation,
arc welding is one of world's most popular welding processes.  It dominates other welding processes in the maintenance and repair industry, and though flux-cored arc welding is growing in popularity, it continues to be used extensively in the construction of steel structures and in industrial fabrication. Arc welding is used
primarily to weld iron and steels (including stainless steel), but nickel and copper alloys can also be welded.

Learning how to arc weld is the easyest of welding processes and with practice you can be up and running in a matter of hours. All that is needed is an arc welder and welding electrodes, a welding helmet, safety gloves and clothing and some peices of scrap metal, preferably 3mm or more thick. For farm or home use arc welding is best suited to outdoor use as they are lightweight and portable with no gas  required to preform the welding. The use of  gas welders such as mig or tig welders out-doors can be hindered with breezes blowing the gas away from the welding nozles. However if you were to choose between welders used soley for indoor use a mig welder is your best bet, and this will also allow you to weld aluminium. See how to weld aluminium.


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