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Resistance Welding Safety for Operators


"Resistance Welding Safety for Operators" is a new book that fills the need for a comprehensive source of information about safety provisions for machine operators who work around resistance welding. Unique topics include fume combination risks, medical defibrillator/pace maker risks from welding magnetic fields, robotic welding hazards, and industrial noise risks that cause hearing loss and tinnitus. Merging technologies in robot as well as established manual and automatic loading stations are discussed.

Resistance spot, projection, and seam welding information is targeted although much of the book applies to flash and upset butt welding as well. Proximity sensors such as light curtains and safety mats are covered. Different methods of operator initiation including foot pedal and dual palm buttons are reviewed. For example, the capability and limitations of dual palm button anti-tie-down and anti-repeat as methods of operator protection are described.

Numerous illustrative stories are presented as case histories of injuries around machinery including presses and electrical panels. Safety from electrical shock including grounding and pinch point risks are covered in detail.

Bob Szabo, a welding engineer, trainer, and publisher, has been in the resistance welding field since 1970.

This publication has approx. 230 pages of text, numerous illustrations, and a detailed safety checklist. This book is available from Szabo
Publishing. Further information can be found at http://www.szabopublishing.com or by calling (707)446-2917 from 8 am to 5 pm PST.

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