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Arc Welding Robots- An overview

The advancement in technology has increased the need of automation and robotics in almost all the spheres of manufacturing processes, and no wonder that welding processes have developed their own arc welding robots that help to attain the goal of welding automation.

The efficiency of a weld in one of the most important factor, and robots are mainly designed to attain higher efficiency of welding joints. There are some work pieces, which are otherwise impossible to weld, and therefore, poses a potential problem in manufacturing processes. Sometimes, the welding is required in more than one axis or a large number of pieces are to be welded at similar places, and the arc welding robots can be very helpful for all these functions. It is clear that automation of welding process with the help of welding robots have resulted in greater precision and an increased productivity.


Industrial Robots

There are basically 6 types of industrial robots used in manufacturing industry. 

Manual Manipulator

A manipulator robot is the one that is operated directly by employees.

Fixed Sequence Robot

It is a manipulator robot that performs different duties in accordance with pre-set information, which is not easily changed.
Variable Sequence Robot

It is a manipulator robot that performs various operations in accordance with pre-set information, which is easily changed.

Playback Robot

It is a manipulator robot that learns various operations from a human operator by memorizing the order of operation, position of work, and other pertinent information.
Numerically Controlled Robot

It is a manipulator robot that, through the use of perforated tape, cards or digital switches, can perform desired task

Factors to be considered while looking for a Arc Welding robot

1. Cost

Cost may be one of the most important issues while deciding for a system to be installed. To maximize the cost effectiveness, prior analysis of the cost of the welding robot against the output by the system can help, as improper selection of the robotic system can lead to potential increase in cost of production.

2. Integrator

A right integrator is very useful in providing support for installation and other purposes for robotic system; otherwise, there are chances of confusion in the system, which mars the progress of any production unit.
3. Robotic cell

Though most cells fit into most of the applications, still, the applications required can be different. It is always advisable to workout for the same beforehand keeping in mind the applications to be performed by the arc welding robots.


Robotic system needs complete and thorough access to all parts and pieces. So, if there is a complex system of tooling, welding robots can lead to certain complications. This is just reverse to the fact for which we employ arc welding robots-smoothness and lesser time involved!


While purchasing a robotic system, warranties should be there for the robotic cell including everything.


The persons responsible for the operation and maintenance of a robot should be properly trained for the same before employing.

Arc Welding robots-Advantages or Benefits

Employing welding robots in welding process is very beneficial for the following reasons:

" There is an ensured increase in the productivity
" Higher precision in the work such as micro welding is obtained
" Continuous work is achieved, as the welding robots can work for the whole day
" A potential disadvantage of welding process is eliminated, as the safety of the work place increases due to lesser human involvement. There is hardly any risk for fumes and burns due to welding processes
" Reduced labor costs, though the initial set up costs may be more.

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