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Welding Helmets

Welding arcs are intensely brilliant lights containing ultraviolet and infrared light rays that can cause eye damage. During the welding process the welder needs protect his / her eyes using a welding helmet to protect against the dangers of arc radiation. Not only does a welding helmet protect against the bright light that welding produces but also from heat and flying fragmets of slag and hot metals. When looking to buy a welding helmet the better the quality the better the protection. Many of the cheaper types of auto darkening welding helmets have a slower response time with the darkening of the lens when a welding arc is struck, although it may seem instant that the lens darkens there are micro second delays on some cheap auto darkening lenses, so buy the best you can afford.

Speed Welding Helmets

Speed welding helmets or auto darkening helmets are essential for efficient productivity, in some manufacturing and repetitive welding applications, speed welding is essential to remain competitive. Welding helmets of this nature need to be of the highest quality to ensure efficiency relating to comfort for the welder and good vision in between welds.

Hoodlum Welding Helmets

Hoodlum welding helmets offer quality real-use welding helmets combing great looks and attitude with unique helmets that are fully functional and comfortable. Provide a 2-year limited warranty on lenses. Avaliable in Solar-powered models, 9/13 variable shade lens, Adjustable sensitivity with Internal lithium battery for backup power.

Speed Welding Helmets
Hoodlum Welding Helmet